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Electrical Tips That Can Help Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Electrical Tips That Can Help Lower Your Insurance Premiums

The driving force behind getting serious about your electrical system should always be safety. That being said, if there’s another bonus in the form of money-saving, there’s nothing wrong with that.

The safety factor is why insurance companies offer lower premiums. The lower the safety risk your home and electrical system are, the less your coverage costs. Do your research to see if you may already qualify for discount premiums or any additional steps you can take to cut your costs even more.

Electrical Improvements Or Upgrades That You Need Right Now

Whether you’re planning home renovations or deliberately searching for ways to improve your home’s safety, electrical wiring is the first place to start. Make it a point to partner with an electrician and work on some fundamental changes such as:

  • Panel Upgrades: With today’s high demand for technology and electronic gadgets, your electrical system has to be able to keep up. Homes that are even 10 years old may not be able to keep up unless you get a panel upgrade, which will improve the functionality and safety.

  • Electrical Repairs: It’s common for homeowners to work around outlets that are burnt out or lights that flicker, but then you’re ignoring signs of electrical distress. Instead, make a list of all the existing electrical repairs and let an electrician address all of them.

  • Surge Protection: Every homeowner should want additional surge protection because this safeguards your expensive electronics from damage or destruction. Extension cords with surge protection aren’t sufficient but install surge protection, and you’re less likely to have a damaged appliance that insurance would have to pay to replace.

  • Wiring Updates: Older homes are charming and quaint but may come with the risk of outdated and potentially hazardous wiring. If your home has knob and tube or aluminum wiring, you need to have it replaced by a professional electrician.

Electrical Safety Inspections

As a homeowner, you should also consider conducting a regular electrical safety inspection, especially if your home is over 40-years old. It’s always better to be too cautious when it comes to the safety of your home.

Advanced Electrical Company, LLC will be glad to take care of your electrical safety inspection or other tasks that can help improve your electrical system's health. When you’re ready to schedule service with a reputable and dependable Birmingham electrician, give our crew a call. No matter how complex the project is, we’re here to execute it for you skillfully.

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