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3 Common Warning Signs Your Home Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade

3 Common Warning Signs Your Home Needs An Electrical Panel Upgrade

Older homes have a certain charm that can’t be replicated, except for the outdated electrical system. Too often, a homeowner dismisses apparent and alarming signs of electrical problems as part of owning an older house. The primary concern of any homeowner is to create a safe dwelling for everyone who resides there.

Your house doesn’t have to be on the historic registry to experience electrical troubles or even be outdated. The demand for standard electrical output within the household increases every day, and ignoring this can cause potentially hazardous problems.

Are You Missing The Red Flags?

It’s common for Birmingham electricians to come across households that need an electrical panel upgrade and don’t even realize it. Your service panel is what supplies your entire home with the power distributed throughout. Modern-day demand far exceeds the supply an older panel offers, and houses only as old as a decade or less may fall into this category.

Have you noticed symptoms of an overtaxed electrical panel such as:

  • Age - If your home is over 20 years old, the panel and electrical system should be inspected by a professional. While true of households 40 years or older, the current demand for electrical currents increases every day.

  • Extension Cord Usage - There will always be an occasional need for an extension cord, but if your household relies on them in every room, it’s time for an upgrade. Even if this system is technically working for you, it’s a higher risk of posing a fire hazard.

  • Flickering Lights or Burning Smells - If your family has gotten in the habit of ignoring flickering, buzzing, humming, or even burning smells, it’s time to stop. All of these are indications that your panel is working overtime to meet your household’s demand, and that can have dangerous ramifications.

Now Is The Time For Change

Flipping a tripped breaker back on may be easy, but it’s not something that should be a common occurrence. Stop turning a blind eye to the warning signs that your electrical system needs to be updated, and call in local industry specialists.

Advanced Electrical Company, LLC is ready to answer the call and be at your door, prepared to provide skilled service. Expect the best from our Birmingham area electricians, and call us today to schedule your panel upgrade service.

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